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The New 2013 Motorcycle Test 
Due to EEC legislation motorcycle training is a little more restrictive depending on your age. The practical two part MOD1 and MOD 2 tests remain the same. You now have to be 24 to qualify for the Direct Access Course taken on one of our new Kawasaki ER650n that will result in an unrestricted 'A' licence.
If you are 19 or older you can take your test on one of our 500cc Suzuki's. This 'A2' Licence restricts you to a motorcycle up to 46.6bhp (35kw) for a minimum of 2 years, then you can take the test again through the Progressive Access Course on the Kawasaki ER650n to gain the unrestricted 'A' licence

If you are 17 or 18 you can take your test on one of our Yamaha YBR125cc bikes and this will result in an 'A1' licence that restricts you to a 125cc motorcycle, you can remove your 'L' Plates and take passengers.

New Motorcycles Purchased for 2013
We have purchased 2 new Kawasaki ER650n motorcycles specifically for this purpose. These are superb lightweight easy to handle bikes, their low seat height make them easy to use especially during the low speed control exercises required for the MOD1.

New EEC Rules for Motorcycles 2013 




What's Required to Take Practical Test



    • Up to 50cc Moped
    • Maximum Speed 28mph (45km/h)
      Use L&J Moped



    • Minimum 120cc up to 125cc
    • Power Output not more than 14.6bhp (11kw)
    • Capable of at least 55mph (90km/h)
      Use L&J Yamaha YBR125



    • Minimum 395cc
    • Power Output Minimum  33bhp     (25kw)
    • Power Output Maximum 46.6bhp  (35kw)
      Use L&J Suzuki GS500




    • Minimum 595cc
    • Power Output Minimum 53.6bhp  (40kw)
      Use L&J Kawasaki ER650n

Progressive Access
Must have held 'A2' Licence for a minimum of 2 years


24 (Direct Access)

    • Minimum 595cc
    • Power Output Minimum 53.6bhp  (40kw)
      Use L&J Kawasaki ER650n